Columbia University Press

  1. Οργανισμός
  2. 1893
  3. New York, N.Y.
  4. Ξένοι παραγωγοί, διαθέτες και εκδότες έργων
    1. Columbia University Press is a university press based in New York City, and affiliated with Columbia University. It is currently directed by Jennifer Crewe (2014–present) and publishes titles in the humanities and sciences, including the fields of literary and cultural studies, history, social work, sociology, religion, film, and international studies. Founded in 1893,[1] Columbia University Press is notable for publishing reference works, such as The Columbia Encyclopedia (1935–present), The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry (online as The Columbia World of Poetry Online) and The Columbia Gazetteer of the World (also online) and for publishing music. First among American university presses to publish in electronic formats,[citation needed] in 1998 the Press founded an online-only site, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) and Columbia Earthscape (in 2009).[citation needed] In 2011, Columbia University Press bought UK publisher Wallflower Press. ⟶ Βικιπαίδεια (This page was last modified on 16 June 2015, at 09:55)
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