Aldershot (England)

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    1. Aldershot (/ˈɔːldərʃɒt/) is a town in the Rushmoor district of Hampshire, England. It lies on heathland in the extreme northeast corner of the county, about 31.8 mi (51.2 km) southwest of London. The area is administered by Rushmoor Borough Council. The town has a population of 36,321,[1] while the Aldershot Urban Area, a loose conurbation (which also includes other towns such as CamberleyFarnborough, and Farnham) has a population of 243,344, making it the thirtieth-largest urban area in the UK.[2]

      Aldershot is known as the "Home of the British Army", a connection which led to its rapid growth from a small village to a Victorian town.[3]Aldershot is twinned with Sulechów in Poland, Meudon in France and Oberursel in Germany.

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