The Origins of the Greek civil war - Λονδίνο: Longman, 1995.

  1. Έκδοση
  2. Βιβλίο έντυπο
    1. Close, David Henry (1942-)
    1. Λονδίνο
    1. Longman
  3. 1995
    1. Part 1 Greece after the First World War: dependency and schism; the hydrocephalous state; social structure; the Greek Communist Party; the bourgeois reaction. Part 2 Right-wing dictatorship, 1935-41: anti-Venizelist resurgence; parliamentary democracy in crisis; Metaxas's tyranny; its legacy; axis invasion. Part 3 Invasion and collapse of authority, April 1941-March 1943: the old order in decay; the birth of the National Liberation Front, EAM; communist strategy. Part 4 EAM challenges the old order, April 1943-October 1944: reactions to EAM; EAM predominant; the start of civil strife; communist agreement with the British; nation-wide polarization; liberation. Part 5 Revolution defeated, October 1944-February 1945: growing communist power; the demobilization crisis; the battle for Athens; communist surrender. Part 6 The white terror, February 1945-March 1946: right-wing vendetta; the British role; communist revival; election victory for the right; communists on the brink. Part 7 Descent to civil war, April 1946-March 1947: the monarchist regime; revival of guerrilla warfare; the national army intervenes; the Truman doctrine. Part 8 The Civil War, 1947-50; the Democratic Army; right-wing victory; aftermath