Red Acropolis, Black Terror : the Greek Civil War and the origins of Soviet-American rivalry, 1943-1949 - New York, N.Y.: Basic Books, 2004.

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    1. Διεθνείς διαστάσεις
    1. Γερολυμάτος, Ανδρέας (1951-)
    1. New York, N.Y.
    1. Basic Books
  3. 2004
    1. 1 Historical Background --
      2 The Politics of Violence: From Resistance to Civil War --
      3 Bloody December: The Second Round of the Civil War --
      4 The Pogrom of the Left: The Prelude to White Terror --
      5 The International Civil War --
      6 Epilogue --
      Full Circle: From Greece to Vietnam.

    1. From 1943 to 1949, tens of thousands of Greek soldiers and guerrillas fought and slaughtered each other - as well as thousands of innocents - in a civil war of unrelenting and shocking savagery. In the wake of the Allied liberation of Greece from German occupation, the fighting transformed into a full-scale civil war, pitting the Communist insurgents against U.S.- and British-backed government forces. As a proxy war between the postwar superpowers, the Greek Civil War became the first hot zone of the Cold War.