Modern Greece : what everyone needs to know - New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2015.

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    1. Καλύβας, Στάθης Ν. (1964-)
    1. New York, N.Y.
    1. Oxford University Press
  3. 2015
    1. Introduction ; Chapter One: Modern Greece as a project ; Did Modern Greece spring from Ancient Greece? ; How did the Greek National movement begin? ; What were the social sources of Greek Nationalism? ; Who were the Nationalists? ; How did Greece secede from the Ottoman Empire?Who rebelled? ; How did a Greek state emerge out of the war? ; How did international politics impact on the war? ; What was the European reaction to the Modern Greek project? ; How was the new state built? ; Why was nation-building successful? ; What was the state of the economy in 19th century Greece? ; How did democracy come to Greece? ; How did the new democratic institutions operate? ; How did Greece become a national of small land-holders? ; Chapter Two: State Consolidation and National Expansion ; What was the fate of Trikoupis' modernization project? ; What was the Great Idea? ; Who were the unredeemed Greeks? ; What were the consequences of irredentist foreign policy? ; What was the Macedonian Conflict? ; How did Greece double its territory? ; What was the National Schism? ; What was the Anatolian Disaster? ; What was the impact of the Anatolian Disaster? ; How did the military become politicized? ; How popular was communism in Greece? ; Chapter Three: War, Occupation, and Civil War ; What were the causes of the Greek Civil War? ; How did the occupation morph into civil war? ; What explains the rise of the communists? ; Why did KKE's competitors in the resistance fail? ; What drove collaboration in Greece? ; How was the postwar fate of Greece sealed? ; How did Greece become the frontline of the Cold War? ; Why did the winners win and the losers lose? ; What is the legacy of the Civil War ; Chapter Four: The Greek Miracle and Its Aftermath ; How did Greece take off? ; What Greece a democracy? ; What caused the April 1967 coup? ; Why was the transition to democracy so smooth? ; What was Greek Socialism and what explains its success? ; What was the impact of EU membership? ; Is Greek politics clientelistic? ; Why are Greeks and Turks fighting? ; Chapter Four: The 2010 Crisis ; Was the adoption of the Euro a good idea for Greece? ; How did Greece end up with an explosive debt? ; What has been the effect of the austerity program and the IMF/ECB/EU bailout? ; Conclusion ; What are the broader lessons of the Greek story? ; What does the future hold for Greece?

    1. Modern Greece is the go-to resource for understanding both the present turmoil and the deeper past that has brought the country to where it is now